1/20/2012 Genetics

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Chapter 2

Mendelian Inheritance


Pre-Mendelian concepts of heredity

-Pangenesis- Hippocrates 400 B.C.

-Spermists vs. Ovists—spermists believed in homunculus (man inside sperm)

-Blending theory- idea that each parents/plants blended together to produce offspring


Mendel’s Opposition to Evolution and to Darwin

the Journal of Heredity, 1996,


1 page synopsis due by wednesday, January 25


Important Plant Breeding Terms

-Hybridization – crossing of two individuals with distinct characteristics

-Hybrid – an offspring resulting form the cross between parents of different species

-Self-fertilization- fusion of male and female gametes produced by the same individual

-Cross-fertilization- fusion of male and female gametes produced by different individuals

-True Breeding Line- a kind of breeding in which the parent with a particular phenotype produce offspring only with the same phenotype.

-Single Factor Cross- offspring are known as monohybrids

-Parental (P) generation > F1 generation- first  > F2 generation- second


Mendel’s Question?

Is there a natural (predictable) pattern to the regularity with which certain parental trait appeared among offspring?

If there is a pattern, who established the pattern? if there is design, who was the designer… battled with Darwin and his theory of evolution


Mendelian Experiments

Basically crossed two true breeding plants (purple and white) and NEVER got a blend. This disproves the blending theory.

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